Power Outage Tracking
A website that tracks power outages in the United States.
Canada: PowerOutage.com/ca
United Kingdom: PowerOutage.com/uk
About Bluefire Studios
Bluefire Studios LLC is a small business located in Maine, USA. Our primary product tracks Power Outage information covering the entire United States and we are working on expanding to other countries!

Our data is used by:
Every major news network in the United States.
Government entities, from county level emergency management teams, to nationwide federal agencies.
Hundreds of businesses across a variety of markets, including telecoms, utilities, generator/solar companies, insurance agencies, research groups, and many more.

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About The CEO
I am Jason Robinson, but everyone calls me Chachi. I am a production database administrator by trade, and now work on full stack development projects, data analytics, disaster recovery planning, and other projects that pique my interest.

Bluefire Studios LLC was formed at the end of 2017 to contain and organize all of my projects, contracting work, and other services that I provide.
If you have any questions, please reach out using the contact info below!

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