Public Projects
A website that tracks all the power outages in the United States.
Private Projects
A website for small utilities to report Power Outages to their customers.
T-SQL Scripts
Name Updated
SQL Cheat Sheet
A reference guide for simple SQL scripted tasks
Find Text in a SQL database
A script with 4 methods to find text inside a database
These scripts are under CPOL, I do not own them, use at your own risk.
About Me
I am Jason Robinson, but everyone calls me Chachi (lots of Jasons in the world). I do all kinds of things, DBA by Day, Theater Lighting Designer by Evening, and Business Owner by Night.
Bluefire Studios LLC was formed at the end of 2017 to contain and orginize all of my projects, contracting work, and other services that I provide.
If you have any questions about any of my projects or services reach out to me!
Contact Me
FacebookPhone: 207-812-8442